Friday, April 30, 2010

self portrait

Another piece for digital illustration, done in photoshop.

invisible man

cover for the invisible man I did for digital illustration


quick drawing of the view off a deck


some bird studies



Did these in my digital class. I liked how they turned out, especially since I hated illustrator at first. Sorry about the weird proportions on them, for some reason the files don't agree with my computer.

senior show

did these all at once just for a few extra pieces in my senior show

color test

Just a few quick things I did whilst messing with color

natural science sketches

oh look at that, I guess I can upload more than one image at a time...silly me, that concludes the sketches for now

Animal Drawings

I'll be uploading a bunch of animal images I've done.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This is an old piece from illustration 3 I think, illustrating the word bicycle...haha so funny I know but I have a really lame sense of humor so it was worth a chuckle.


I did this as a wedding present to a friend.


This is a raccoon I did for no real reason. Done in pen and ink with a small nib.

Post some images!

Alright so I guess I will put some things on. Since I have a backup of images I will just give a brief explanation accompanying each one. They are pretty much all from my college classes, natural science, digital illustration, a couple are even from way back in Illustration 4.

So this first one is actually the oldest image I will post I think. I am including it because I recently taught a lesson to some students of mine involving this form of art. It is a Joge-e which is a Japanese art form, in which the image can be flipped up-side down and seen as a different picture. Even though it's old I still think it came out well and the kids who I taught really enjoyed the project.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

first post

so here's the first post on the blog...very uneventful. I will be putting up work later, but for now I just wanted to set it up. Try not to explode with anticipation...not that anyone is probably seeing this since I haven't told anyone about it yet...