Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vampire Pattern

A vampire pattern I did in Illustrator. I should clarify that I like Dracula and Nosferatu, not twilight.

Pattern 1

Skulls and bones pattern I did in Illustrator. I really enjoy doing patterns, they're a nice diversion from realism.

Turtle Logo

A logo I did in Illustrator

Self Portrait

I haven't done very much realistic painting so I decided to try it out.


A couple of lizard pieces I did. Ink on Bristol

Book Illustrations 2

More from the same series

Book Illustrations

This series was done for a friend. The Illustrations were meant to resemble a more primitive woodcut look. They were done with ink on rives heavyweight paper.


These were some flowers in a very nice garden near Beverly.


This series was pretty fun as well. I did a lot of drawing from life over the summer, I find it makes the pieces more natural.


These are just some studies I did of my roommates cat in ink. Around this time I started to try not sketching and going straight in with the ink. The result was fun, and spontaneous.

Fish Series

This is a watercolor series I did, also following the three piece format.

Dog Series

So I haven't posted anything in a Looong time, but I suspect not many people follow me anyway so it probably doesn't matter. I have done a fair amount of work this summer, in both traditional and digital mediums. This piece is ink, one of a series of threes I was doing. I find that making three pieces at a time keeps me interested, and also produces a good amount of work.